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Apr 13, 2021

In this episode, we sat down with Zibby Owens, author, podcast host and CEO of Moms Don't Have Time To,  a media company featuring podcasts, books and events. Zibby was named "NYC's Top Book-fluencer" and on Oprah's list of top podcasts two years in a row. Zibby shares with us how reading and writing helped her to connect with herself, others and heal during difficult times. She tells us why everyone should be reading daily, even if only for two minutes, and how reading/writing can be a reset, an outlet, and a way to connect with yourself.  Zibby shares the personal stories that led her to create the podcast, write her books, and how she was able to help people during the pandemic. Zibby's passion and focus will help you see reading and writing in a whole new light. Follow Zibby on Instagram @zibbyowens or at