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Nov 9, 2021

The idea of digestive healing is a popular topic these days, but how much do you really know about gut health and healing?  Our guest today, Adi Arezzini is the co-founder & CEO of Teami Blends, a tea & wellness company and she is an expert in both!  Adi breaks down this information for us and shares how her own digestive issues and symptoms led her, at the age of 23, to start Teami Blends. Her company has exploded with success in the tea, wellness, and skincare space and Adi explains how some simple practices can lead to better gut health. Adi's passion and drive to bring wellness and healing to others is clear as she educates on this topic and gives us her take on entrepreneurship & running a business. You can find Adi at or on Instagram at @adiarezzini.