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Jul 13, 2021

We are joined by Rebecca Minkoff, fashion designer, author, podcast host, and founder of the Female Founder Collective, a community built to support female entrepreneurs. Rebecca Minkoff shares with us that becoming ‘fearless’ is about understanding and confronting the emotion of fear. She shares with us how she has learned to accept fear and move past it to take the risks that lead to success. We discuss how she started her business, from a featured handbag and small fashion show right before 9/11, to one of the most recognizable brands in fashion. Rebecca shares with us how she embraces the idea of taking risks and what she has learned over the years, including how giving back has made her career and name about so much more than handbags. Get Rebecca’s new book, Fearless by visiting and follow Rebecca at https://www.rebeccaminkoff or on IG at @rebeccaminkoff.