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Sep 28, 2021

In this week's episode, we explore how you can design the life you dream of with Beth Weissenberger (Handel), Co-Founder & Vice-Chair of Handel Group. Beth is an executive life coach who has worked with the top of the top, such as Gary Vaynerchuk, singer Michelle Williams and NFL players Justin Pugh and Nolan Carroll.  Beth shares real and tangible tips for understanding and managing the negative self-talk in your head, learning how to recognize your dreams & and the steps you must take to achieve them. 

Beth is offering listeners $50 off her online coaching course, Inner.U with the coupon code SHESPEAKS. That makes it $375 for a lifetime subscription. Learn to Human Better and Design Your Life with Inner.U

Register here for the SheSpeaks 'Design Your Life' Masterclass with Beth:

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